Become a New Trend Maker in Modern Design with Your Products!

We came back with so many exciting ideas!
See what we have for you and which products you can produce with Depar Home's silicone molds!

Here we go:

  • Concrete planters
  • Tealights
  • Candle holders
  • Trays
  • Concrete coasters
  • Make up and toilette organizers;
  • Office organizers;
  • Lighting elements like concrete lamps, concrete lambaders; etc
  • Clocks
  • Chef's menu boards
  • Personalized things
  • Corporate gifts

and this list expands continuously...

These concrete pieces will be become vital elements reflecting the cultural and historical heritage of your countries. 
This trend will continue as long as humanity exists on the earth.

The case is also true in our nearest surroundings.
Natural materials are taking over various artifacts and things that were used to occupy the seat of honor in our homes and offices nowadays.
Lately, concrete planters have gained success in the trend of using natural stones, woodblock, metal plaques, waterpipes in interior designs.  
The undone and undressed walls of restaurants, cafes and hotels became the latest lovely and alleviative elements…

All the opportunities gifted to us are widely used by humanity in every living space.
The huge woodblock or concrete tables have taken over MDF coffee-tables.
The concrete walls of offices, cafes and other amenities look more tremendous and attractive with new trends of concrete elements.

Using proper objects in such interiors with so much authentic and natural view, of course, is of great importance.
Therefore, some pieces like wooden clocks, marble tables, concrete jardinieres, and other pieces became the unreplaceable subsidiary goods of interior elegance.
You won’t probably argue that seeing a plastic flowerpot would seem repellent and peregrines on a wooden or a marble table harmonized with nature.

What about simple and beautiful solutions on subsidiary pieces of interior design artifacts that aim to empower the naturalism and minimalism?
You can place the nice and cozy geometric items that you craft yourself in the seats of honor of your home.

The concrete planters and more that you cast with Depar Home’s geometric silicone molds will create a difference with their minimalist, modest and exact lines.
The products you craft can be too much handy for you. Plus you will gain important business skills.

The harmonization of green flowers with natural colors will suggest proper and beautiful designs.
You can obtain a pleasing view via putting them on shelves or on the tables up to your liking.

The ones who prefer different colors in their lives prefer various dyes.
They can even paint and craft their concrete pieces and harmonize them with their preferences.
The decoration elements you use on the concrete casts with cylindric or square shapes will demonstrate your imagination excellently.

All the things that are made with JOY, ENJOYMENT & A BIT EXTRAORDINARY way become a trend one day.
The main thing regarding this is touching them with love and professionalism.


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