Concrete Planter Artisan | SHAULA

The architect Aslı Demirilyas, joined her professional experience accumulated since 2012 with her keen interest in decoration and established SHAULA brand in November 2019. In the atelier, which she launched with her business partner Eren Yıldıran, a Maritime Transportation and Management Engineer, she began to produce handmade concrete products with silicone molds of Depar Home.

She is designing the decoration corners with the reflection of your character and soul, via vitalizing the homes, terraces, gardens even the office spaces. They are endeavoring presenting the authentically handmade products in their purest and scenic form.

In line with the natural products, she is shaping and coloring her design projects with the inspiration she gets from the nature. In her designs for concrete planters, one can see and feel the seas, shores, rivers rocks and much more.

So. What does SHAULA mean, and how it managed to become their brand name?

Aslı's eyes shine brightly when she begins to speak about  SHAULA. As per the team, 'The stars are the jewels of the galaxy, which are loadstars for humans with their location, and have impacts on our character and spirits. SHAULA stands among the bright stars of the milk way and is the pupil of the Scorpio.'

The decoration that are made in the living spaces reflects people's spirits in the purest way and targeting to become the brightest star of the area.

With an eye on focusing mainly on production, SHAULA is offering its products for sales on Instagram and the well-known online stores of Turkey like Trendyol and Hepsiburada instead of physical markets and shops.

In line with this, SHAULA is having wholesales together with the Macro markets, boutique stores, plant producing and selling shops.

We have strong belief that their determination and creativity will take them to the star position just as their trade name. 

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