Concrete Planter Molds-Emsay

Concrete Planter Molds

The artist  who grow from the 'kitchen' of the art and turned into the splendid professional of concrete sector.
They had huge contribution in transforming an abandoned mall in Vancouver, Canada into the bustling space for artists, makers and local community organizations.
She is the real success story in terms of the achievements that can be gained with determined and continuous work can lead to.
Began their work in a loft. First they were producing tiny products. By time those little tryings became the determined kickstart for their future design and artisan works.

Later when they moved to a townhouse in Eastside Downtown they started to produce modern and minimalist pieces of concrete.
Concrete flower pots, pendants, lights, jewelry stands,   and by time decided to enwiden their product portfolio.

Explored the real value of working with concrete they began to think of expanding the scale of their business. After numbers of trial and error, their company named Emsay started to vitalize.

Scope of their product users gradually spread towards their neighbourhood, town.

It was then when they began to seek for solutions to speed up their production ability without sacrificing from their quality. Depar Home’s long-life and best in performance silicone moulds  helped them to spread throughout their country and now they are trying to meet the demand of the whole continent and their orders from all of the world!

Wish you good luck guys!

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Concrete Planters

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