How to Use and Maintain Silicone Molds and the Support Shells to Ensure Their Long Performance

If you want to clean your silicone molds, wash them with normal tap water with mild dish-washing soap and using a soft sponge. 

Do not leave your silicone molds upside down to dry. Do not leave support shells and molds in direct sunlight.

Dry your molds with the help of a napkin.

After drying, place your silicone mold and shells separately on a flat surface without disturbing their form.

Do not fill your molds and shells in a bag and don't pile them in a box.
Do not leave it under heavy loads in places such as the trunk of a car for days.

If you are not going to use your mold for a long time, pour warm wax into it to ensure that it maintains its shape.
Do not remove the candle from the mold after it has frozen.
When you use it again, the candle will easily come out of the mold.

Stacking your molds on top of each other will cause them to be crushed and bent.
If the silicone mold is crushed, your products will be deformed.
Therefore, be excessively careful when storing your silicone molds and the support shells.

Tip: To create more storage space for yourself, arrange the molds that you place side by side at regular intervals on shelves.

Keep your silicone molds in a cool and dry place. Never expose the molds and support cores to direct sunlight  or icy environments at minus degrees.

Excessive heat or cold will cause the mold and cores to bend or deteriorate.

To ensure that the mortar you put in the mold dries quickly, never blow hot air on the mold and core with a hair dryer. 
NEVER Wrap the cores in electric blankets or similar HEAT SOURCES.

After pouring the mortar into the mold, do not leave it and for unmolding it the next day, thinking that you will unmold it later.
Do not let the mortar sit in the mold unnecessarily long.
This shortens the life of a mold.
Pour mortar into the molds in sufficient volume and as much as it should be  cast.
Do not make incomplete or half-casting.
Incompletely poured mortar, for example   remains a few mm under the mold's final edge.
When you fold it while unmolding it, the missing part will rub the silicone on this area.
That area becomes like a razor and cuts the mold.
Be sure to make your castings up to the end level of the mold.
When unmolding the molds, grasp them from the inner central bottom part and pull them toward yourself.
Additional Information -1: 
If you are not going to use the molds, do not leave the support shells attached on the mold.
Put the silicone molds on a shelf so that they maintain their form,
Put the support shells on a separate shelf.
Do not expose cores and molds to direct sunlight.
They will become deformed.

Do not make holes on your molds and support shells.
This will distort the shapes of your molds.
To prevent gaps in your products, gently tap the edges of the molds with your fingers after putting the mixture into the molds.

Do not use solvents or similar substances to wash the mold and support shells.
Do not put your molds and shells in the dishwasher.
Do not wash your mold and shells with hot or boiling water.
Make sure your molds are thoroughly dried before storing them.
Do not turn the molds upside down to wash them and don't leave them upside down when wet.
This will deform the mold.
Since they are silicone molds with Platinum catalysts, it is enough to wipe them with a wet wipe.

If you use mortars, from unknown manufacturers and if you don't know the content of the mortar you are using, don't use that mortar in all of your molds. First try it in a single mold.

Do not try the mortar in all the molds at the same time.

Some mortars can damage molds. Therefore, when using mortars you are not familiar with, be sure to check how many pieces you can produce without damaging the molds.  

According to the information we received from our manufacturers, 1000-1500 units are produced with our single mold. 


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