Product Overview: CGDM-1 A Cylindrical Concrete Planter Mold

The newest member of our cylinder-shaped-molds-family CGDM-1, will become one of the most promising pieces of your product portfolio.
You can produce whatever product you want with this mold, with 11.5 cm diameter and 7 cm of height.
A concrete planter, or a holder for office or school stationery, you can introduce it in whatever way you wish.
Or maybe a candleholder or a tealight...that will help your customers to have unforgetable moments.
It can be very successfully used in a kid room, for holding little hair accessories with a beautiful presentation.

Your handcrafted concrete planters can embellish parties, weddings, engagements, baby showers, birthday parties and other similar mass ceremonies.

Even you can request customization of the planters with the logos and tradenames of hotels, cafes, restaurants, corporates, and hit the headlines in concrete planter production

Your achievement depends on your determined efforts and the unlimited scope of your imagination. 
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