Role of corporate gifting in marketing and business expansion

Share of business expenses in general budget allocation pie, for giving corporate gifts equalled to 12,5 billion US$  globally. (Source: Forbes, September 14, 2018, Author: Pamela N.Danziger)

2017 studies revealed that the companies spent 2% to 5% of their total sales revenue for corporate gifting, and 73% of researched businesses annually allocated 50$ to 150$ amount per person for their employees, customers and stakeholders. (Source: Advertising Specialty Institute, The results of the survey published on November 28, 2017)

These data pushed us to delve into the reason why the companies so much feature giving corporate gifts.

Below we scrutinized the role of corporate gifts in business expansion.

Corporate Gifts Are Powerful and Catchy Marketing Tools

As the old saying tells out of sight out of mind. Have a look at your surrounding. Which brands do you easily remember? Most of you will immediately remember the brands, that were given to you as a gift or the logos and /or brands you see on products nearby.

And we are more than sure that in your first need you will first look for the products of the company who made you feel special with their attitude, customer care and corporate gifts.

As per the Promotional Products Association’s (PPAI) survey, 83% of study attendees easily remember the name or brand of the businesses who gave them promotional gifts

The gifts with proper quality can contribute to the increase of your sales and the effectiveness of your personnel

Your chic gifts with good quality will continuously remind you to your customers and will be the greatest source of testimonial for you.

Appreciation has always been the most powerful motivating tool.

Your gifts and special care to your customers will turn them to your loyal clients by time.

By the way, while the probability of selling anything to new clients is between %5 and %25, the loyal customers’ probability to continue purchasing from you is 60-10% (Source: Marketing Metrics).

The 5% increase of the clients to manage to keep, has the potential to multiply your revenues from 25% to 95%.  (Source: Harvard Business School) .

Ideas on chic and distinctive corporative gifts

At this point, the first gifts one remembers would be consumable goods like stationery products, etc with tradenames/person names from different suppliers.

We have a different idea. As Depar Home Family, leading the moulding sector in the region with its quality and performance for now and rapidly moving towards its target to be the best in the World, we cordially present a new, modern and more sustainable corporate gifts portfolio:

Geometric Planters: Your handmade planters produced with Depar Home’s high-quality geometrical flowerpot moulds and with the concrete and plaster group of mortars will be of big value. As they will be the crafts of your hands and environmentally friendly goods, your customers and friends will gladly use them and remember you each time when they see their lovely plants in those pots.

Office accessories: These concrete or plaster products may vary in an expanded diapason from photo frame holder to nameplates, from elegant tiny cactus and succulent flowerpots to pen holders, from coasters to trays, clocks, chic modern lamps etc.  

Goods with your logos/trade names on illumination products, goods for office purposes, flowerpots, clocks, holders, vases, and much more.

Home accessories: The cylindric holders for keeping your kitchenware, holders of a knife, and other metal goods that you can produce with a bar of magnet put into the concrete, trivets, incensories, tealights in chic designs, photo frame holders, concrete illumination goods and much more.

Advantages of buying the Depar Home’s  silicone moulds for producing corporate gifts

At the beginning, we mentioned about the general idea and figures that businesses spend for corporate gifts. And you opt for consumable products, you need to pay the increasing budget for that purpose every year.

Obtaining Depar Home’s moulds will be efficient and economically advantageous for you, as they will enable you to prepare your goods in a very short time. Thanks to the rapidly-set Denfix mortar (minimum order is 2 tonnes to outside of Turkey) you will produce your pieces maximum in 10 minutes. And savings from the transportation, waiting time, supply costs and other related costs will contribute to your budget even more, while the corporate gifts you give will be a good push for your revenue increase.

We use the pure platinum-catalyzed silicone raw material without any side dust and oils (that is often used for reducing production cost). With one mould you get from Depar Home you will obtain the opportunity of producing a minimum 500 pieces with no or low acid mortars ready in some munites. Some of our valuable clients managed to produce 1500-2000 items with one mould. Please read the comments under our posts in social media and search engines.

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