Silicone Mold for Square Concrete Flowerpot M12

Product Code: M12
Stock Availability: In stock
Dispatch time: 1-3 Workday
Silicone Mold Weight: 1.26 kg
Cargo (0,1 - 10 KG) = 25 USD Check
Price: 65.00 $

Square Concrete Flowerpot
The sizes given are of the de-molded planters.
The concrete planter in the site is a witness sample. The planters, flowers or accessories are not included into the price.
The mold can be used for producing planters, pen holders, makeup organizers and any other piece depending on your imagination.
Also, you can customize this mold with your tradename.
The recommended de-molding time is 15 minutes
You can design the planters according to your taste with various paints and also make marble effect with acrylic paints splatted into the grout. 

For the grouts with light materials like plaster, soap, wax candle support shell might not be used.
If you are going to make grouts with other materials besides concrete, we recommend you first to purchase the model without support shell are try out.
Support shell is required for the concrete grouts for this model. 
A support shell is a rigid material to support the soft silicone from outer side with micronic sensitivity.
There are 3 following ways to avoid malformation of mold axes because of the heaviness of the grout poured into the moulds:

1: The degree of silicone's rigidness is made high (that causes finger hurt or ache while de-moldind the ready pieces)
2: Silicone softness is arranged too high and the silicone thickness is made more (that also causes finger ache because of difficulty to curling the mold inside out and also if to challenge it the mold of thick silicone may be torn).
3: The silicone rigidness is designed in the most appropriate softness and thickness and to avoid malformation of mold a support shell is used. We adopt the third method because of the ease of use.
Support shell cost is included in the price of mold. 


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