SL3-Silicone molds for big concrete flowerpots

Product Code: SL3
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Dispatch time: 1-3 Workday
Silicone Mold Weight: 1.22 kg
Price: 75.00 $

Enrich Your Concrete Planter Portfolio: SL3

SL3 model of the silicone mold for concrete flowerpots is made of platinum catalyzed silicone.
The model has an outer support shell.
During production, after pouring mortar into the mold, close the support shell on the mold and fasten it by the file clamps or elastic rubber bands.
The concrete flowerpot you will produce will have the following dimensions:

Diameter: 14 cm
Inner diameter: 12.5 cm
Wall thickness: 0.75 cm
Height: 13 cm

The dimensions belong to the demolded product.
The indicated price includes costs of one silicone mold and its support shell.

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Why Depar Home’s silicone molds are so special?

Here are some of the reasons:

  •  The raw material of our products is used in its purest form.
     We do not mix silicone oil, marble powder, various odors etc. into the raw material to decrease the production cost.
    Those methods shorten molds’ usage life, and the molds are torn or worn after 3-5 usages.

    Our molds can be used for hundreds of times. Some of our producers report 1000-1500 times of casts with our one mold.
    Our concrete flowerpot mold production chain is completely under our control from design to ready product.
  • We do not make any concessions on the quality of our production and raw material, we develop all stages meticulously.
  • Our platinum silicone molds for DIY projects or serial production are non-toxic. They do not harm health.
  • It is resistant to temperatures from + 250 ° to - 60 ° C (from 482 ° to -76 ° F) degrees.
  • Depar Home does not duplicate anyone's model with reverse engineering.
    After producing the main model, we do testing and quality improvement processes until we get the best quality.
  • Our flowerpot molds are easily demolded. Fingers do not hurt during demolding.
  • As long as our molds are used and stored properly, they will serve you for long time.
    You can read about usage and maintenance instructions in the following link.
    Also the useful tips described in the following blog post can be useful for you.

Please feel free to contact us to ask your questions.
Our team is ready to support you.


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