The first step towards your successes: Starter’s Set

To support your ideas on how to take advantage of using the Starter’s Set, we will review the set closer.
 Produced especially for the new producers of Depar Home consists of 4 models: Models with code number: M3K, M9K, M10 and M11.
What can be done with this set?

You can carry out any projects you want with the geometrical molds with right angles and different dimensions.

The inner cavity of our M3K, M9K, and M11 models, ensures to directly place the 5,5 cm succulent and cactus pots inside your planters, without any need to spend time for separate planting.
 This enables our producers to focus directly on their orders and concentrate on planter production.

The cavity diameter of the M10 model in the set is 7 cm.
This will create a wonderful opportunity to learn the know-how of planting in one hand, and on the other will support the concept of the set.
Moreover, you can cut the first knuckle of the top part of the plastic planters with 8,5 cm diameter and easily put it directly into the concrete planters you make.
 To list the areas where you can use your Starter’s Set:  
• offering succulent and cactus planting;
• seeding, amateur gardening;
• candle making, waxing;
• holder of jewelry and accessories;
• holder for office stationery;
• pen, pencil, toothbrush, tooth stick holder;
• decoration object

Among our friends who are in love with the sector, some producers successfully make illumination products, incensories.
Gifts for the guests to weddings, engagement parties, a stag night, a hen night parties, baby showers, valentine’s day, easter gifts, new year gifts, mothers’ day, fathers’ day gifts, birthday party gifts, get-well gifts, gifts for special religious reasons … etc.. You can do marketing of the products you make in dozens of various ways and earn money. 

 In line with all these, the atelier arrangers, dear teachers successfully adapt our starter set to their workshops and training sessions.

It can be ideally used for conducting applied training in fine art lessons, labor, design or decoration lessons and demonstrating tens of other creative ideas…

And it is a golden opportunity for the open-minded entrepreneurs who take advantage of all these.

Take advantage of this opportunity.

Depar Home will always be nearby with its wonderful quality, after-sales support and with its open-to-collaboration team.
You will also love the income generation potential of these molds with high-performance features.

You can see the Starter Set on our website.

 The prices on the website are in US dollars and include standard worldwide shipment fees.

Please feel free to ask your questions.
 Our team is in a click distance to support you.