Use molds to develop your children’s production awareness and capacities

Consumption without production leads societies to gradually waste away.
The future of the world depends on our achievements in bringing up qualified individuals with production skills.
Each of us is the actors of this bringing up process.
And we are obliged to this development process. 

As Depar Home Family, we believe that could manage our part of the obligation via our best quality molds.
You can also get vigorous results with our eye-opening products in developing your kids.
Thanks to Depar Home’s molds, you can contribute in their production of different products.

Thus you can lead your children to obtain useful skills, for which they will be grateful to you along all their life time.

Let’s have a closer focus on how you can lead your children via raising their producing awareness. 
Cognitive advantages
Improves attention
Children’s concentration skills develop as they make flowerpots, design and apply their decorations.
They gain skills like completing the works they started, focus on the projects they are engaged in without distraction.

Increases brain activation
Imagination and thinking skills are developed and the eye-hand coordination strengthens.
Changing sight from the nature, or different substances while imagining, and looking at the flowerpots right after (change of the sight focus from remote point to a closer one) leads to sight acuity and clearance of vision.

Develops fine and gross motor skills
The process of producing a flowerpot forces one to use his/her fingers, arms, brain, eyes.
As much as your children are engaged in making concrete flowerpots, as more their different motor skills and agility will develop.
Mortar mixing for the flowerpots, painting the ready pieces, decoration activities will strengthen children’s hand, brain and eye muscles and will develop their control and coordination skills.

Advantages in social relations and personal development
Making flowerpots will develop the children’s creativity and self – confidence.
A child will gain a powerful opportunity to develop creativity with the availability of producing the products as per her choice and decorate them according their inclinations. Thus you bring up determined personalities of future who know what they want. 

They will learn how to value cultural assets
The individuals engaged in crafting flowerpots, will gradually gain skills on treasuring cultural assets.
Their experiences on flowerpots will develop their constructive feedback skills.
Additionally they will learn to conserve the cultural heritage.
We acquired information about the ways of living of our ancestries thanks to artifacts they left.

Develops self expression skills
The decorations the children make on flowerpots will be a valuable mean for you to understand their inner world.
Especially, the decoration elements of introverted children will be a direct and powerful way to explore your children’s feelings.
As the flowerpots they made keep in your sight, you will consider the feelings of your children and accordingly arrange your communication with them. 

Help them to socialize
Children will gain effective communication skills when they produce their flowerpots.
Acquiring skills like conveying their thoughts, seeking and offering solutions, cooperation are some of those.
Develops initial business skills
Children will learn the know-how on effective communication, develop skills on making their surroundings to accept and respect them
Communication of children with you or with their siblings and peers during flowerpot making process will help your children to become extraverted.
By time you will witness skills like determination, persuasion and certainness in your children.

Their motivation will be increased
All of us are concerned on the expended influence of technology in children’s lives.
We can decrease this interference in fact.
One of the most influential solutions is making concrete flowerpots that ensure the kids to think and concentrate their focus on production of concrete things.
As they produce their products with right angles, get satisfactory results and observe others to love and use their products, their motivation to produce more will be increased. Accordingly the rate of their result-based achievements will top.

Generates and develops initial business skills:
Via contributing your children to gain production and presentation experience, you will be able in fact to gift your kids initial business skills.
The following several points will help you to become aware of the substantial changes that will happen in your kids’ lives.
While the children produce things, they become skilled in the following:
• They acquire skills to embody their imaginations (via making decorations on the planters for instance);
• Will learn how to identify production needs;
• Will become experienced to make their annual production plan (on the base of the birthdays, special days, holiday gifts, their educational needs, they will learn how to calculate the production needs and make budgets for their products);
• By customizing their products with paintings and different elements, they will gain ability of focusing on customer needs;
• They will gain initial presentation skills via gift-wrapping and giving their presents;
• They will gain responsibility skills via nursling their plants in the flowerpots.

For the eye-opening mold models we carefully elaborated for your little business people, you can see our products page.
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P.S. We sincerely express our gratitude to Gülsev Sanatlar for the wonderful photos