What Should be Paid Attention When Buying Silicone Molds

When you order silicone molds online, you have to be attentive regarding some points.
The main thing to be careful when you order the silicone molds online, is, whether the silicone mold shared in the website and/or in social media accounts is same with the one that will be shipped to you. 

Moreover, is the product de-molded from the silicone mold is identical with the one that was shown to you? 

The easiest way to understand this, is having a video call via whatsapp and see everything live.

Some of silicone mold producers share the images they inauthorisingly downloaded from ali  baba or other authentic producers' websites.

While people expect to produce the same product that was shown in the initial images, unfortunately in most cases, both the products occur not to be the same, and people are disappointed with hardness of the demolding process. 
When demolding the not original products, fingers hurt too much. Also the bottom of plant-pots strangely appear to have hackles everywhere. 

Another important point in mold selection is being sure that the upper part of the silicone mold, i.e. the bottom part of your product has a neat surface.
To ensure this, some providers clean those hackles between the bottom surface and the silicone with the scissors or knife.
Which is a complete tragedy in silicone mold production. 

And to conceal this, they put the planters (in sandpapered, the bottom hackles removed and cleaned form) on the silicone molds.

The above image represents the silicone mold I ordered. 

The silicone mold that was sent to me and the planter demolded from the mold:

Moreover, I could not understand the reason, an odor was added to the silicone molds, like an essence smell make the producer feel an extreme discomfort. 

Thank you for reading. 

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