Why Concrete Planters are Preferred?

Concrete Planter Mold

Today I want to share some information about what producers of concrete planters from all the world 
could manage to do and what an amazing work they have done...

What Concrete is the best choice for everyone? 

We are thrilled to witness the  extensive use concrete and the way it is used in all areas of the visual arts.
Seeing the florists, team members, or producer-clients to produce gorgeous portfolios of concrete products with our silicone molds for geometric concrete planters, that we could not even imagine makes us extremely proud and happy.

I believe all of these positive developments will lead to new opportunities for everyone in the sector.
The need for more producers, suppliers is rapidly increasing. 
The area creates quick, practical and sustanainable work opportunities for producers of succulent, cactus or florists. 
 In the same time the products meets the needs of organizers of parties like wedding, engagement, ceremonies, babyshower, etc. 
Also they can be used to meet the corporate gift requirements of the companies and firms. 

Preference of using concrete, is steeply increased thanks to the functionality of the  silicone molds we produce. 
Our molding techniques and our production of long life silicone molds  enables the users to implement large-scale projects.
We are continously improving our molding techniques to get the best result in concrete casting. 

Another reason of spread in using concrete is its expansion to various sectors. 
Possibility of making the hundreds of castings even in a room of the apartment or in the balcony increases the factor of prereffing the concrete as a raw material among the others.

Concrete is helding the honour seat among decorative materials and home wares for ages. 
And this tendency turns concrete to a trend. 

Thank you for reading.
Best regards from Depar Dizayn

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