DEPAR HOME is a venue where utterly authentic, handmade silicone molds and concrete planters are produced for various design scenarios.

If you also dream to have the feel of chic industrial trend in your homes or offices, then you are in right place!

You will be able to find variegated designs you dream of that will meet your demands.

Depar Home was born in 2007 and could manage to attain today’s success via offering a wide range of products like silicone molds, concrete flowerpots, table organizers, wall decorations and so forth.

Depar Home is making its silicone molds from  the adjusted user-friendly models with convenient usage. 

Consolidating its capacity of offering high standard products with its abilities while keeping up its quality is one of Depar’s fascinating peculiarities.

We are making extra efforts to product environmentally friendly products. Designing productive, sufficient and authentic handmade products that will accompany you for long years is in our production policy’s core.

All the materials we use are of high quality pieces.

Alongside with standard designs, Depar Home is also developing customized project according to Interior Designers and Architects.

Thank you for your time and interest.

We hope our designs will coincide with you and your needs.

There are numbers of valued friends of ours who are committed to realize our distributorship. They deserve the beauteous words that one can say ever.

We cordially express our gratitude to all who gives preference to Depar Home designs for their homes or offices and hope to design and produce the inspiring models for you for long years