Concrete Flower Pot Silicone Mold - ZUCCU-5.5

Product Code: ZC-5.5
Stock Status: In stock
Dispatch Time: 1-3 business day
Weight: 0.5 kg
Cargo (0,1 - 10 KG) = 25 USD Check
Price: 26.00 $

Our new silicone mold model, coded ZC-5.5, is designed both for placing your 5.5 cm standard pots directly onto the concrete pots you produce, without the hassle of planting, and for pouring candles.
Thus, you will be able to offer two different alternatives to your customers who want to place bulk orders.

Product Dimensions: 
Outer Diameter: 7 cm
Inner Diameter: 5.7 cm
Height: 6.95 cm
Inner Height: 5.5 cm

Object weight of the concrete product: 345 g
Lid weight: 62 g
The inside of the model is filled with 80 grams of wax.

Silicone Mold +  Shell  : 
The price includes 1 silicone mold and outer supporting shell.

Silicone Mold + Shell + Lid
The silicone mold price includes  1 silicone mold and outer supporting shell + 1 lid silicone mold.

Decorative accessories are not included in the price.

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