Concrete Planter Silicone Mold M11

Product Code: M11
Stock Availability: In stock
Dispatch time: 1-3 Workday
Silicone Mold Weight: 0.246 kg
Cargo (0,1 - 10 KG) = 25 USD Check
Price: 19.00 $

The sizes given are of the demolded planters.
The concrete planter in the site is a witness sample. 
The planters, flowers or accessories are not included into the price.
The mold can be used for producing planters, pen holders, makeup organizers and any other piece depending on your imagination.
The recommended demolding duration is 15 minutes.
You can design the planters according to your taste with various paints and also make marble effect with acrylic paints splatted into the grout. 

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