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At the start quick access to quality molds from Amazon or Etsy was non existent. They either were meant for resin and shipped quick or had to make a three month trip from China. This was a large blocker to quickly scaling my business for my growing direct and wholesale customers. 

I'm so happy I found Depar Homes through Instagram! They make high quality silicone molds designed for cement and ship super quick (less than a week: Turkey to California). The confidence I have in getting molds in a timely manner has allowed me to say yes to way more wholesale orders that require more molds to deliver. Time is money!

Depar Homes has a large variety of mold functions for planters, candle vessels, vases, trays and more. My personal favorites are the textured geometric style that comes in many sizes for candle vessels to planters.( M11) 


I had a frequent customer ask for larger planter molds. I reached out to the Depar team to ask if there any plans to build bigger items and of course they were. They are constantly adding styles to their collection to meet trends.


I highly recommend working with Depar Homes as a concrete maker. 

Best wishes,
Owner of Form + Root


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