How to Use and Maintain Silicone Molds to Ensure Their Long Performance

Like everything else, your molds and the support shells of the molds need careful maintenance to be able to serve you for years. 
Below we are presenting some useful tips to enable you to use your molds and their support shells effectively for several hundreds of times. 

So, please read the below information and keep it for your further reference. 

Clean the molds with a sponge and mild soapy water and let them dry.

Do not reverse the molds inside out to dry them and don't leave the molds in the reversed position. Never leave the  support shells and molds under direct sunlight.
Dry the molds with a piece of napkin.

After the molds dry, store your silicone molds and the support shells separately, on a flat layer.

Do not pile your molds and their shells into a nylon bag or in a box.
Don't keep the molds for days under heavy luggages or weights.

If you’re not planning to use the molds for a long while, to ensure the molds save their correct shapes pour warm candle wax into the molds. 
Don't take off the candle out of the mold.
It will easily been demolded later when you will use the molds again.

Piling your molds on each other will cause their bending and wrapping, which will cause malformation of your products.
Therefore please be very attentive when you store the silicone molds and their support shells.

Hint: if you want to create more space for storing molds, you can put the molds side by side on shelves 

Keep your molds and the support shells in a cool and dry environment. Do not put them under direct sunlight, ultraviolet light or in a frozen environment.

Exposing to extremely hot or cold environmental conditions would result in malformation or curves in your molds.

Never use a hair drier or hot fans or air blowers onto the molds or support shells to quickly set the mortar you put into the molds.

Please don't leave the molds with a mortar in it to unmold them later till the next day.

The recommended unmolding time is 15-20 minutes, for this you can use fast set repair mortars.

Don't keep the grout inside the mold uselessly more.
This can shorten the life of the mold.

When you unmold the final products, grasp the molds beneath the folding line between the outer and inner parts of the mold towards its inner bottom.

Additional information-1:
If you will not use the molds please don't leave their support shells over the molds.
Put the silicone molds separately and solely on the flat shelves, to keep their shapes.
Put the outer shells separately from the silicone molds on a different shelves. 
Don't leave the molds and the outer shells under the direct sunlight.
Otherwise, they will be deformed.

 Do not pierce or drill holes on the molds and the support shells.
This will deformate their shapes.

To avoid from the bubbles within the products you cast in the molds, you can touch from the sides of the molds gently immediately after pouring the mortar inside the molds.

Do not use solvents to clean your molds and the support shells.
Do not wash any part of the molds in a dishwasher. 
Do not wash the molds and their support shells with extremely hot and boiling water.

Make sure your molds are completely dry before storing.
Don't turn the molds inside out to wash them and don't keep them in a-turned-inside-out form in wet form.
That can deform the mold.
Since the silicone molds are platinum-catalyzed, it is enough to clean them even with a wet wipe.

If you are using a mortar with unknown ingredients or from an unknown supplier, try the mortars in a single mold first.
Don't try those mortars in all of your molds simultaneously.

Some mortars can harm the mortars. Therefore, when using unfamiliar mortars, be sure first to check the number of pieces you can produce without deforming the molds.

According to the information we get from our producers, they make 1000-1500 productions with our one mold.

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