Silicone Mold Concrete Planters - ZUCCU2

Product Code: ZC2
Stock Status: In stock
Dispatch Time: 1-3 business day
Weight: 1 kg
Cargo (0,1 - 10 KG) = 25 USD Check
Price: 80.00 $

Concrete Planter Silicone Mold - ZC2

Product Dimensions
Outer Diameter : 12.3 cm 
Inner Diameter : 11 cm 
Height: 13 cm 
Inner height : 10 cm 

Tray Dimensions
Outer Diameter : 14 cm
Inner Diameter : 12.5 cm
Inner Depth: 1 cm
Total Thickness: 2 cm

Silicone mold + support shell : 
The price of the silicone mold includes the price of one silicone mold and outer support shells.

Lid : 
The price of the silicone lid mold model includes the price of one silicone mold. 

Tray : 
The price of tray model silicone mold includes 1 tray model silicone mold.

Silicone mold + Support Shell + Lid +  Tray :
1 silicone mold + outer support shells.
1 silicone lid mold.
1 silicone tray mold. 

Required mortar to produce the product: 968 grams
The price does not include decorative accessories

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