Concrete Flower Pot Mold - M1B

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Concrete Flower Pots

Silicone molds for concrete planters are used for making practical productions with cement, and plaster grouts. All the molds we have are produced by us. 
We do not try to copy any models in the market or make reverse engineering to duplicate anyone’s products. 

As all the design stages are in our control, we design the silicone molds until the best quality is acquired.

Easy to de-mold, the productions will not deformate (when grouting the molds will not bloat out from sides). 

All the details will appear indefectibly. 
Please consider that, the concrete pieces placed in the website are in their original view, they are not processed in any configuration programs (Photoshop  etc).

The silicone we use are high-quality silicone without any mixtures. 

We care the quality of the silicone. We use pure silicone to produce our molds which ensures the long life usage of the molds. 

With your support we will maintain producing durable, easy de-molded and sustainable silicone molds. 

Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Our support team is ready to assist you on the other end of the line.

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