Mold for Concrete Planter - M3

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Concrete planter mold: 
We designed this silicone mold for placing 5.5 cm planters inside them. 
Diameter from the centre is 9.55 cm
Bottom diameter: 5.3 cm 
Height: 7 cm

One of the frequently asked questions about this mold is as follows:
 The bottom part of this mold is too narrow. Is it easily de-molded?
- To acquire the ideal thickness of the mold that is easily de-moulded we made several tests. 

The silicone thickness should be in the optimal size, which is not deformated when pouring the grout into it and is easily de-molded. 
These are the questions in your mind. 
Yes, you will de-mold your planters easily. 
You will be able to make your productions with this and other silicone molds. 
Besides we designed the cavity where the planter is placed in a conical shape. 
If to pull the model softly out of the mold you will easily de-mold your planters. 

Enjoy your works.

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