Mold for Concrete Planter - M3

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Silicone Mold for Concrete Planter - M3 

Concrete planter mold: 
We designed this silicone mold for placing 5.5 cm planters inside them. 
Diameter from the centre is 9.55 cm
Bottom diameter: 5.3 cm 
Height: 7 cm

One of the frequently asked questions about this mold is as follows:
 The bottom part of this mold is too narrow. Is it easily unmolded?

- To acquire the ideal thickness of the mold that is easily unmolded we made several tests. 

The silicone thickness should be in the optimal size, which wouldn't be deformed when pouring the mortar into it and should be easily unmolded. 

These are the questions in your mind. 

Yes, you will unmold your planters easily. 

You will be able to make your productions with this and other silicone molds. 
If to pull the mold fron inner bottom part softly out of the mold you will easily unmold your planters. 

Enjoy your works.

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