Silicone molds for big concrete flowerpots-M11B

Product Code: M11B
Stock Status: In stock
Dispatch Time: 1-3 business day
Weight: 1.512 kg
Cargo (0,1 - 10 KG) = 25 USD Check
Price: 90.00 $

Silicone Mold for Big Concrete Planter

Thanks to long-life and easy to use silicone molds of Depar Home, you will be able to produce your handmade concrete planters via DIY projects.
Our M11 model silicone mold  is good for making geometric concrete flower pots, 
or organizers for a kitchen, a bathroom, or a study room.
You can use the same model for ligthing design. 

The concrete planters you produce with this mold will be in the following dimensions:
Diameter: 15.8 cm
Inner diameter: 13.7 cm
Height:12.5 cm

Diameter: 19 cm
Inner diameter: 16.7 cm
Height:15 cm

The silicone mold has an outer support shell you see in the image.
The price includes the cost of the support shell.  

The product is delivered maximum in 3-4 workdays with DHL express to your door.
Flat delivery fees, up to 10 kgs = 25 US dollars.
Please see our blog post about international deliveries for the details. 
If you wish, you can follow Depar Home's social media accounts to see the latest updates about the silicone mold models. 
And have inspiring ideas on how to decorate DIY concrete planters

The M11 B and M11L models can be combined with M11UK and M11 models to form an elegant harmony. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your questions.
We are ready here to help you. 


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