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Make Concrete Tealights with Silicone Molds of Depar Home

What you need for producing a charming tealight candle holder is just:

  • Tealight model M23
  • Some water, with less chlorine and low lime content, that is rested for 24 -36 hours
  • 700 grams of Denfix grout

The dimensions of the produced tealight candle holder will be as following:

Height: 16 cm

Depth: 7 cm

Width: 9.8 cm

Diameter of candle hole: 3,9 cm

Please kick gently from its side to the mold, while you pour the grout into it, to avoid bubbles.

After you pour the grout into the concrete tealight mold, please cover the outer support shell and stabilize it with stationery clips.

Wait until the poured grout dries in 15 minutes, and then gently demold the product from the concrete tealight mold.

 If needed, wipe the mold and the support shells with a wet napkin. 

Once your tealight candle holder is demolded, you can leave it as it is, to use in minimalist interiors.

Or you can decorate it in geometric designs as following with acrylic dye and bands:

  1. Decide the geometric decor that you want to do;
  2. Stick the bands (in desired widths) randomly over the concrete tealight candle holder;
  3. Dye the empty spaces with paints in harmony with each other;
  4. Wait until the dyes are dried, and then remove the bands.

Your elegant tealight candle holders are now ready!

You can combine the home tealight candle holder model M23 with our other concrete planter models.

Or you can use our tray models together with the home tealight model. 

If you want your tealight holder to be in marble view, please read our related post.

For know-how on the ways of decorating the planters with stencils, please read the related instructions.

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions.
We are ready to support you and your creative vision.

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