Silicone Molds For Concrete-M1K-5.5

Product Code: M1K-5.5
Stock Availability: In stock
Dispatch time: 1-3 Workday
Silicone Mold Weight: 0.6 kg
Cargo (0,1 - 10 KG) = 25 USD Check
Price: 36.00 $

Diameter of top part is : 5.5 cm.
Has an inside hole to put the 5,5cm flowerpots directly.
In this planter we made a hole 1 cm lower from the top part, to be able to put   5.5 cm planters into the hole.
If we would not do this, but put a hole for 5.5 cm planters directly  from the center of the 7.7 cm square, a rude shape was created.
Our goal was to hide the rude shape when looked from the upside part and
also to ensure time saving for the producers to put the planter into the shape and quickly offer the product for sale. 
After putting planters into it the upper parts can be covered with gravel or moss decoratively.
Width: 7 cm
Length: 7 cm
Height: 7 cm
The price includes only the cost of one silicone mold.
The price does not include the decorative accessories.

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