Where and How can the Concrete Planters be Used?

Silicone Molds For Concrete

We are continuing to help our producers with the best-quality and functional molds for concrete planters.
Handmade pieces can be produced with our molds and use almost anywhere as an elegant decoration element. 
Your guests and friends will adore your decorations!

Here are some tips about the ways and places where you can use your planters:

The concrete and cement planters casted with Silicone molds of Depar Home, can be used at honor seats, in your living rooms. 

Your concrete planters can decorate your dining and holiday tables. 
You can color your feast table with your friends' chats about your handmade 'concrete treasure'!

Study rooms and book shelves will love their new stylish decorations with chic concrete planters and accessories. 

Or you can display your unrepeated modernist trend with the concrete accessories that you place in the corridors of your venues. 

A brutalist planter in your bathrooms will be a gimmick for the most favorite room of your homes 
You can use your planters not only in your homes.

The decoration of your offices and work places will look more attractive with your handmade planters. 
The innovative design of your office with plain concrete shall create one of the first positive determinants about you. .
Impressive views can be created at the shleves and show windows of stores and workshops, that will be one of the factors to increase the number of visitors.

Let your imagination go even further. Dream and produce concrete accessories for walls.
Different ways of alignments will  surprise you again and again!

The designs with geometric models will add  special meaning to the decoration of the venues.

Thank you for reading. 

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